Companies Simplyholistic are proud to serve:

“Simplyholistic have been providing a complimentary health provision to staff at Liverpool John Moores University since 2007.

The feedback from our staff is high praise for the range of treatments they receive from the expert Simplyholistic team. Staff consistently give very positive feedback telling us that they derive great benefit from the wide range of therapies offered which promote physical well-being stress relief.

Simplyholistic staff deliver an excellent, professional and reliable service.”

Meriel Box

Head of Staff Development

"Our members really look forward to these therapies. We have been using Simplyholistic for a number of years and would have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone".

Andy Beech

Unison Branch Manager

"Simplyholistic have been visiting Wockhardts for over 9 years now and are extremely popular with the staff on site.

They offer a wide range of treatments which are beneficial for the well-being of staff and are always professional and reliable"

Fiona Duncan

Safety and Occupational Health Manager

“Survitec employees have been utilising the services of Simplyholistic for the past 4 years. Our employees are given the opportunity during work time to benefit from the wide selection of treatments, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Back Massage or Seated Acupressure Massage.

The health and wellbeing of our employees is important to us and this service helps with this focus. Employee feedback is always very positive with many employees attend the sessions on a monthly basis.

Simplyholistic are professional and pleasant company to deal with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as part of a Health and Wellbeing focus in the workplace.”

Claire McNamara

Regional HR Manager, Europe

“As a result of an Employee Survey in 2014, various health initiatives and health promotions have been introduced at our site with a view to improve employee engagement.

In addition to improving employee engagement, many of the initiatives are focussed on employee health & wellbeing and motivation. One particular initiative which has proven very successful is the introduction of holistic therapy treatments by Simplyholistic.

Simplyholistic visit our site on a monthly basis offering various treatments and the popularity of these treatments has grown since they were first introduced in 2015.  Employees are enjoying the benefit of a 15 or 30 minute therapy treatment during their work day whilst the Company is benefiting from a healthier, happier workforce.”

Jackie Ousalice

HR Co-ordinator